What to Look for When Ordering Letterpress Printing Business Cards


What to look for when ordering letterpress printing business cards

If you need to order new business cards and have decided you want to splurge a little bit this time, then letterpress printing business cards are definitely something you should consider.


Not only are they a beautiful quality and often quite unique business card but, if you order them from the right company, you can often still buy them for a reasonable price.


Here are a few things to look for, however, before you decide to order them.


How long has the company been in business? -- When it comes to letterpress printing, choosing a company that has been in business for a long time will often guarantee you beautiful results.


That is because letterpress printing is an intricate process that can take quite a long time to master. Those that have years of experience tend to create the best business cards.


Do they offer sample packs? -- The best companies offering letterpress printing also allow you to order a sample pack.


These are small packets of samples of letterpress printed business cards that you can look at closely to see if the way they are printed will work for your business card design.


These sample packs are usually a few dollars to purchase but, when you consider you may be spending hundreds of dollars on your final letterpress printing order, it is well worth spending the money.


What is the lowest amount of cards you can order? -- While some companies will do a Letterpress Printing run for as few as 100 cards, other companies will only consider a run of 1,000 cards or more.


As letterpress printing business cards is much more costly than those that are digitally printed, be sure to choose a company that will allow you to order lower amounts. You can always order more at a later time if you like what you receive.


Online Printing Services through Jukebox



Who is this Upcoming Online Printing Service

Jukebox is the world is the world’s most uniquely and upcoming expanding business that produces online printing. Their most uniquely online printing services include creating business cards but not limited to just that, they also offer services for logo designs. Jukebox specialized in foiling, embossing, laser-cutting, letter press, and more, along with imposing materials such as; Cotton, Wood, Premium Black and Grey, Pulp, and Cork. They’re qualified and experienced graphic designers that will turnaround any project that you have into a success. If the services that you are looking for is not available through the services that is already available, you can also seek into their print estimator where it is possible to arrange a quote for your very own custom design. As some may be intrigued but may need to see projects in a face to face manner to ensure the services, Jukebox offers some free sample packs to check out their top popular options.


Additional Services Jukebox Offers

Not only is Jukebox great at providing uniquely and phenomenal services, their online template creator offers the top of the line pre-built in designs, which makes customization quite easy and if services are needs quickly, they also offer quick digital printing and same day services. Although Jukebox does serve their services on a global based customer range, they do have locations where you can pick up orders and also review their sample packets. At the moment, their location services are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario and New York City. While servicing on a global customer based, they do provide competitive rates for international shipping. The most uniquely and all amazing benefits of services through Jukebox, they offer a complete wide range of 100% recycled paper and cardstocks for creating your designs. Their print also runs using soy and vegetable or soy based inks. Jukebox is great for their services and ensures that by delivering all time excellent customer service in all that they do as they provide you with the best quality of their work. They believe in high quality printing with a high personal experience and does not want to offer you any less just because they are an online store. Click on Letterpress Printing for more details.



What to Look for at an Online Printer that Sells Letterpress Printing Services

                     BUSINESS CARDS

Do you need to find an online print shop that sells letterpress printing services? Have you not used one before, so are not quite sure what to expect?

If so, here are a few things to look for when choosing any letterpress printing service online. Things that will help you get the good service you want, and the high quality products you need.

How long has the print shop been in business? -- Many of the best online print services have been in business for a long time. Choose one that has, and you are much more likely to experience good service, and to receive high quality Letterpress Printing you are happy with.

Do they have a large selection of cardstock to choose from? -- If you want to be sure you get the exact printed materials you want, you will probably want to go with a company that has a large selection of paper and cardstock to choose from.

That way you are guaranteed to be able to get the exact weight of paper or card you need, as well as the color you have wanted for your products.

Have you compared prices with other printers? -- Even though you are going to be buying your letterpress printing services online, where prices should be cheaper, you should still compare them with other companies.

This is because prices do vary quite widely depending on where you go, so you need to make sure you have found a letterpress printing print shop that is competitive price-wise.

What do reviews say? -- Finally, do be sure to read online reviews so you know what other people are saying when it comes to the printer you may use.

Reviews can tell you a lot about the products they print and the service they provide, so spend the time necessary to read them.


Use The Right Business Card Printing Company For Your Needs


Get Business Card Printing Done Well

When you want to get your business cards printed off you should make sure that you get them designed right first. And you should make sure that the place where you have them printed is the best, so that they will turn out looking great. You will want your business cards to be something you can feel proud of, so that you can hand them out to everyone you meet and feel good about what they will think of them.


The Business Cards You Print Should Attract Attention

You should make sure that the business cards you print attract attention, so that everyone who sees them will want to know more about you and what you do. You will want people to keep them with them always and to want to use them to give you a call. You will want people to respect you because of how the business cards look, and you will need them to be professional and bold in order for that to happen.


You Will Feel Good When You Find The Right Printer

Search for the right business card printing company now, and when you find the right one you will feel great about it. You will feel excited to see what will happen with your business cards. You will want them to really stand out, and they will do just that when you get them designed right and then printed off by a good company. So, find the right company and get your business cards printed, so that you can start handing them out and getting more attention to you and your business. For more details click on Letterpress Printing.


Letterpress Printing

                    business card

If you're looking for great letterpress printing services, now is the time to learn what steps you need to take to find the right company. To ensure that you locate the ideal retailer, make sure that the letterpress company in question has the following attributes:

  1. A Wide Range Of Products.

There are numerous distinct printing products that you may be in need of throughout the course of your business development process, and that's why it's good to find a retailer that offers multiple items. For example, a great company will offer most or all of the following products:

Same Day Business Cards

Recycled Business Cards

Kraft Business Cards

Specialty Business Cards

Colored Business Cards

Square Business Cards

Silk Matte Business Cards

24PT Business Cards

Cork Business Cards

3D Embossed Business Cards

Foil Business Cards

Mini Boxes

Gift Card Holders

Wrapping Paper

Greeting Cards

Hang Tags

Presentation Folders


  1. Great Online Reviews.

Another attribute you should look for in a letterpress printing company is great online reviews. Great online reviews indicate that the company in question was able to provide clients the products and/or services they needed. If you come across a letterpress printing company that regularly receives neutral or negative reviews, this is a good indication that you should avoid doing business with them.

  1. A Satisfaction Guarantee.

One final attribute you should seek out in a letterpress printing company is a satisfaction guarantee. The best companies offer these guarantees because they know that they offer the type of high quality products and services that will leave the client completely satisfied. Typically, satisfaction guarantees ensure that clients can attain a refund or exchange if they're not completely happy with the products they receive.

Find The Right Letterpress Printing Company Now!

Use the information and ideas outlined above to ensure that you find the ideal Letterpress Printing company!


High Class Printing Look

Who is Letterpress Printing for?



     Letterpress printing can be for anyone. If you are getting business cards made, then it is a great option for you, but you can also use it for wedding invitations or even graduation invitations. The applications for letterpress printing is unlimited and no matter your needs it is an option to consider. The only factors that determine if letterpress printing is right for you are if you want your end product to look nice. Also, the cost can be a factor, but if you want a top quality product than letterpress printing is a great option.


What is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is when they make a cut out of the image that you want to be printed onto your card or invitation. It can be done out of metal or can be wood blocks of each letter. These letters are then laid out correctly, so they print out the right words. The letters have ink added to them, and then they are pressed into the paper or cardstock. The pressing of the letters or cutout transfers the image onto the paper with the ink, but it also puts a small indention onto the card or invitation. Letterpress printing makes for a higher quality look.


Letterpress printing can be done without ink, also. If no ink is used for the printing, then it is more like embossing, but can be done a lot quicker since once the letters are lined up, you just keep pressing more sheets of paper into them. The raised look of an embossed card makes it look more elegant and expensive. You can also have fancy borders embossed or printed onto the card around the text to give it a higher quality feel.



Letterpress printing is not a new thing. It has been used for hundreds of years, but since now most things are ink or laser jet printed it gives the object printed a unique feel. Letterpress printing does cost more, but if you want your invitation to stand out, then letterpress printing is a great option.

Choosing Help for Letterpress Printing Needs


Choosing Help for Letterpress Printing Needs

You are looking for someone who will meet every need that you have when it comes to Letterpress Printing, and in order to find someone who is going to meet all of your needs, you have to be smart in the way that you go about things. You have to take time to research what you are doing when you are looking for someone to handle professional printing work for you. When you are hiring someone to take on your letterpress printing needs, rely on someone who knows how to help you and who will handle things in the most professional way possible.


Find Letterpress Printing Help through Those Who Listen:

If you are looking for printing help, you have to find those who will allow you to talk about what you need and who will then work with you. You need to find those who are going to work to make sure that you are fully proud of all that they do. Those who are committed to helping you get good help will allow you to share what you want and then do things your way.



Find Letterpress Printing Help through the Professional:

You need to find someone who will work for you with the professionalism that they have been taught to use. Look for someone who will take on your printing work in a knowledgeable way. Look for someone who will be fully professional as they work for you and who will give you professional results.


Find the Right Letterpress Printing Assistance:

Make sure that you find the kind of assistance that is going to allow you to print up all that you want to print up and that will be fully professional in the way that it helps you.