The Power of Using Full Color Printed Business Cards


Regardless what type of business you are in or have been in, you know what business cards are and how they are used to attract and maintain business relationships. Then comes along the internet and social media and the business cards are dealt what equates to a death blow. If you are in business and you are looking for a way to get new customers easily, the business cards could still help you to expand your company.

Reaching a Local Audience More Easily

If you were to get some estimates as to advertising costs on different avenues to local businesses, you might be shocks to hear the prices. Radio or television advertising is extremely expensive, even though you rarely get your target audience in the net. Mail advertising is costly too, and you would be lucky to see a 1% response rate even if you blasted several hundred thousand flyers. Business cards are not only affordable, you get better coverage and will have a monstrous response rate compared to all the other forms of local advertising combined.

The Power of that First Impression

Today local business owners are being flooded with advertising on their Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. The majority of these potential customers are being blind to those ads, so when a nicely dressed employee walks into a business and hands over a business card, it really does leave a very strong impression with the business owner. Not only do you get to meet the business owner face to face, there is the potential you could pick up an order right there on the spot.

The business cards have been a part of marketing and advertising efforts for over a century, and now you have the power to leave a lasting impression with locals. Learn more about Letterpress Printing come visit us at