High Class Printing Look

Who is Letterpress Printing for?



     Letterpress printing can be for anyone. If you are getting business cards made, then it is a great option for you, but you can also use it for wedding invitations or even graduation invitations. The applications for letterpress printing is unlimited and no matter your needs it is an option to consider. The only factors that determine if letterpress printing is right for you are if you want your end product to look nice. Also, the cost can be a factor, but if you want a top quality product than letterpress printing is a great option.


What is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is when they make a cut out of the image that you want to be printed onto your card or invitation. It can be done out of metal or can be wood blocks of each letter. These letters are then laid out correctly, so they print out the right words. The letters have ink added to them, and then they are pressed into the paper or cardstock. The pressing of the letters or cutout transfers the image onto the paper with the ink, but it also puts a small indention onto the card or invitation. Letterpress printing makes for a higher quality look.


Letterpress printing can be done without ink, also. If no ink is used for the printing, then it is more like embossing, but can be done a lot quicker since once the letters are lined up, you just keep pressing more sheets of paper into them. The raised look of an embossed card makes it look more elegant and expensive. You can also have fancy borders embossed or printed onto the card around the text to give it a higher quality feel.



Letterpress printing is not a new thing. It has been used for hundreds of years, but since now most things are ink or laser jet printed it gives the object printed a unique feel. Letterpress printing does cost more, but if you want your invitation to stand out, then letterpress printing is a great option.