What to Look for When Ordering Letterpress Printing Business Cards


What to look for when ordering letterpress printing business cards

If you need to order new business cards and have decided you want to splurge a little bit this time, then letterpress printing business cards are definitely something you should consider.


Not only are they a beautiful quality and often quite unique business card but, if you order them from the right company, you can often still buy them for a reasonable price.


Here are a few things to look for, however, before you decide to order them.


How long has the company been in business? -- When it comes to letterpress printing, choosing a company that has been in business for a long time will often guarantee you beautiful results.


That is because letterpress printing is an intricate process that can take quite a long time to master. Those that have years of experience tend to create the best business cards.


Do they offer sample packs? -- The best companies offering letterpress printing also allow you to order a sample pack.


These are small packets of samples of letterpress printed business cards that you can look at closely to see if the way they are printed will work for your business card design.


These sample packs are usually a few dollars to purchase but, when you consider you may be spending hundreds of dollars on your final letterpress printing order, it is well worth spending the money.


What is the lowest amount of cards you can order? -- While some companies will do a Letterpress Printing run for as few as 100 cards, other companies will only consider a run of 1,000 cards or more.


As letterpress printing business cards is much more costly than those that are digitally printed, be sure to choose a company that will allow you to order lower amounts. You can always order more at a later time if you like what you receive.